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History Argumentative Essay Topics List Example

History Argumentative Essay Topics List Example Essay History Argumentative Essay Topics

Emmily Vredenburg July 10, 2020 Essay

As the biggest continent, Asia Pacific has a long story about how the industrial revolution happens. Your argumentative essay will be so much interesting when you can choose many linked incidents in the past. Make sure your history essay has trusted literature so it will not mislead the readers.

2. The War of 1812

This is another perfect topic for you if you want to get a higher-grade from your teachers. The war of 1812 is one of the biggest incidents that occur in human life. Two big nations, America and Britain involved in a big conflict at that time which forced a big war. You can write down some facts that cause that war and its impact.

3. The Fall of a Great Empire, Rome

We all know that Rome is one of the biggest empires that succeed dominate Europe. People start asking why the great empire as Rome can fall too and you can explain them with your essay. You can start searching for what causes the great power in this world to collapse.

4. The Impact of Karl Marx

One of the most influential people that succeed changes many government systems is Karl Marx. This figure introduces the principle of socialist like communist parties, uprisings, and also movements. You can start writing what incident that happens using the principle he wrote. Try to gather all of them because there are available many big movements caused by Karl Marx.

History class can be so boring because it contains a lot of dates, years, and also old names. We should understand it by memorizing it on our brain or writing in a slice of paper. All of us have no choice to memorize history or it will be disappear like never happen before. Are you trying to find history argumentative essay topics so you visit this website?

Writing a historical essay will be a little bit tiring because you need to gather many historical records. But it will be funny as long as you get an interesting topic. So, from these history argumentative essay topics which one topic that you like the most? Make sure you write down the historical records as complete as possible to create a great essay.

List of History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. A Comparison Between Alexander II and Alexander III in Ruling Russia
  2. A Comparison of Alida Slade and Grace Ansley in Roman Fever by Edith Wharton
  3. A Comparison of the Historical Views of Howard Zinn, Michael Allen and Larry Schweikart
  4. A History of Bangladesh
  5. A History of How World War II Gave Introduction to the Cold War
  6. A History of the Annexation of Crimea
  7. A History of the Investiture Crisis in Medieval Europe
  8. A History of the Lack of Cooperation and Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between the United States and the Native Americans
  9. A History of the Partition of India in 1947
  10. A History of the Peasant Rebellions in Choson, Korea
  11. A History of the Period of European Colonialism and Industrialization
  12. A History of the Relationship Between the United States and China
  13. A Proposition for a New Party and Its Policies: The Jubilee Alliance Party
  14. A Question on the Christopher Columbus Discoveries
  15. A Quick History of the Accidental Austrian Civil War
  16. A Review of American Slavery 1619-1877, an Essay by Peter Kolchin
  17. A Review of Betty Wood’s Assessment on the English Distinction Between Serfs and Slaves
  18. A Review of Britain’s Imperial Dynasty, an Article by Wilfred S. Blunt
  19. A Review of Slavery in the Essay of Peter Kolchin
  20. A Review of the Different Causes of the Great Depression
  21. A Review of the Economic and Social Impact of the African Slave Trade
  22. A Review of The Good Woman of Setzuan
  23. A Review of The White South: Society, Economy, Ideology, an Essay by Peter Kolchin
  24. A Study of Marriage and the Status of Women During the Victorian Era
  25. A Study of the Common Stereotypes and Customs in Italy
  26. A Study of the Different Portrayals of Cleopatra
  27. A Study of the Impact of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Incident
  28. A Study of the Soviet Foreign Policy’s Success and Failures Between 1922 and 1939
  29. A Study of the US Foreign Policy After the Second World War
  30. A View of the Genocides in the History
  31. A View on the American Culture
  32. A View on the Death Toll in Iraq
  33. A View on the Failure of the Weimar Republic
  34. A View on the Indian Removal Act by President Andrew Jackson in 19th Cnetury
  35. A View on the Japanese Criminal Justice System
  36. A View on the Monasteries in the Medieval Ages
  37. A View on the Official Thai History
  38. A View on the Treaty of Versailles and the German Problems Against France
  39. A View on the Woman in the 1920s of United States
  40. African American Slavery as a Historical Movement in the United States
  41. African American Unification in Van Gosse’s The Movement of the New Left 2950-1975
  42. An Analysis of a Historical Debate Between Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois
  43. An Analysis of America’s Reaction on the Beginning of World War Two
  44. An Analysis of Different Slides Showing the Events During the Pearl Harbor Attack
  45. An Analysis of Mao Zedong’s Rule of China Using Totalitarian Elements
  46. An Analysis of the Book Reflections Written by the Emperor Kangxi
  47. An Analysis of the Factors Contributing to the Success of the Bolshevik
  48. An Analysis of the Salem Trials and the Injustices Against the People Accused of Witchcraft
  49. An Analysis of the Sources of Information for the Topic of the Black Death
  50. An Analysis on the History, Products and Services of Barclays Bank
  51. An Annotated Bibliography on the Beauty and Horrors of the War
  52. An Assessment of the Importance of the Warrior Pharaoh Image in the Modern Era
  53. An Evaluation of the Sources of Power and Impacts of Gaius Julius Caesar and John Paul II Using the French and Raven’s Observations on Power
  54. An Examination of the Cold War and the Possibility of Avoiding the Conflict
  55. An Examination of the Justification of Harry S. Truman’s Decisions to Drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan
  56. An Observation of the Changes in the Population Size of Clipbirds
  57. An Opinion on the American Revolution and Its Positives and Negatives
  58. An Overview of Japan Before and After the World War
  59. An Overview of the African Slave Trade Through Phillis Wheatley and Paul Gilroy
  60. An Overview of the Culture and Society in the Medieval Ages
  61. An Overview of the Greek Society
  62. An Overview of the Hipster, a Contemporary Subculture
  63. An Overview of the History of the Georgia Colony
  64. An Overview of the Impact of the Harlem Renaissance in America
  65. An Overview of Towns During the Medieval Ages
  66. Barbara Kruger’s Graphic Work
  67. Comparing the Same Stories of the High Middle Ages Through Different Telling by Historians
  68. Comparing the Similarities and Differences Between Constantinople and Tenochtitlan
  69. Criticizing the Discourse That Homogenizes the Experiences of All Cuban Immigrants to That of Cubans Who Arrived After 1959 and Came From Wealthy Backgrounds
  70. English Historians With Historiographical Problems on the the Byzantine Age in Byzantine Matters
  71. European Society Around 1450
  72. Geisha Opinion and Stereotypes
  73. How Did Technology Play a Part in the Spanish Empires Conquests in the 15th-16th Century?
  74. Is the United States Descending Into Yet Another Gilded Age?
  75. Military Problems as the Cause of the Fall of the Roman Empire
  76. President Lincoln’s View on Slavery and His Intent During the Civil War in the United States
  77. Saudi Arabian Driving Laws
  78. The Abalone Fisheries and Farm in California
  79. The Abuse of Powers by Absolutist Rulers in Europe During the 16th and 17th Century
  80. The African American Enslavement and the Slave Punishment in the United States
  81. The African Economic History, Constructions of Culture and Its Functions in National Development in the Works of Amilcar Cabral and Frantz Fanons
  82. The Agrarian Reform Law in the Philippines and the History of the Conflicts
  83. The Alliance Party Parti Perikatan in the 1973
  84. The Ambition of Marcus Junius Brutus to Gain Absolute Power
  85. The American and the British Revolutions and the Price of Freedom
  86. The American Colonialism During the 18th Century
  87. The American Identity in Joyve Moser and Ann Watters’ Creating America
  88. The American Revolutionary War: An Act of Treason or a Fight against the Tyrannical Oppression of the British?
  89. The Assassination of the Archduke as a Contributing Factor to the Start of World War I
  90. The Birth of Haiti on New Years’ Day in 1804
  91. The Blast in Centralia No. 5: A Mine Disaster
  92. The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to End World War II
  93. The Building Stories
  94. The Catalyst That Changed the Future of America
  95. The Ceremonial Tradition of the Funeral Oration
  96. The Changes Caused by the Civil War to the Federal Government and Ranking of African-Americans in the United States
  97. The Cold War After the World War Two’s Ending
  98. The Colonization of Western Australia and the Concept of Discourse/Counter-Discourse in Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence, a Novel by Doris Pilkington
  99. The Conclusion and Results of the American Revolution and French Revolution
  100. The Conflict Between the United States and Germany After the American Civil War
  101. The Controversial Topic of African American Reparations Throughout the History of the United States
  102. The Cuban Revolution: A Socialist Revolution or a War of Liberation from American Dominance?
  103. The Cultural Concepts and Practices of the Maori Tribe in New Zealand
  104. The Death of King Tut
  105. The Decision of the United States to Support South Korea Against the Communist North Korea
  106. The Decline of Quality Entertainment Throughout History
  107. The Development of Athenian Democracy during the Fifth and Sixth Centuries
  108. The Differences Between Nation and State and the Impact of the Distinction to the Development of 19th Century Europe
  109. The Different Elements Contributing to the Victory of the Allies in World War One
  110. The Different Elements That Drives the Wheel of Globalization Forward
  111. The Different Factors That Contributed to the Rise of Joseph Stalin in Russia
  112. The Distinct Reasons for the Separation Between New England and the Chesapeake Region
  113. The Economic, Political, and Social Impact of Slavery in the United States
  114. The English Colonies in the 16th and 17th Centuries
  115. The European Nations on the English Settlers in America
  116. The Events That Led to the American Civil War
  117. The Evolution of the Filipino Identity Throughout the Years
  118. The Expansion of Powers within the European Parliament in the Treaty of Lisbon
  119. The Familiarity of Home and Perception of Reality in America Magica
  120. The Four Stages of Alienation in the Holocaust
  121. The Global Impacts of World War I
  122. The Good Influence of Marco Polo
  123. The Growth and Development of the South Atlantic System
  124. The Hardships for Americans in the War 1812
  125. The Historical Impact of Slaver in America
  126. The History and Culture of the Sioux Tribe in America
  127. The History and Issues During the Gilded Age
  128. The History of African American Slavery, Its Impact on American History, and the Desire of Slaves for Freedom
  129. The History of Confederation in North America
  130. The History of the Country of Egypt
  131. The History of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  132. The History of the Human Revolution
  133. The History of the Slavery in Europe and America
  134. The History of the Tragedy of the Korean War
  135. The History of the War Between North and South Korea
  136. The History of White Indentured Labor and Its Evolution into Caribbean Chattel Slavery
  137. The History, Marketing Position, and Strategic Analysis of Gap Incorporated
  138. The Holocaust and the Relation of the Obedience to Authority and Personal Conscience
  139. The Human History’s Problem-Solution Ultimatums
  140. The Ideas That Came to Light During the Enlightenment
  141. The Impact and Development of Neo-European Colonies
  142. The Impact of Adolf Hitler’s Rule in the Society of Germany
  143. The Impact of Franklin Roosevelt’s Arsenal of Democracy Speech on American Patriotism
  144. The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Society’s Transportation, Communication, and Industry
  145. The Impact of the Treaty of Versailles After World War One
  146. The Impact of William the Conqueror and the Normans in the History of England
  147. The Impact of World War One on the Social Status of Women
  148. The Importance of the Horse Culture in Mongolia
  149. The Importance of the Presence of Tun Tan Cheng Lock for the Peace in Malaya
  150. The Importance of Time and Effort for Minnesota to Become Bilingual
  151. The Important Role of Religious Identity During the Medieval Era
  152. The Incompatibility Between Northern and Southern Economies as a Cause of the Civil War
  153. The Influence of Sojourner Truth on Black History
  154. The Internal Cause of the Roman Decline
  155. The Involvement of Multiple Countries in the Second World War
  156. The Issues of Sea Piracy in History and International Law Prohibitions During the 1400s to 1500s
  157. The Issues of the Sinking of Titanic Tragedy
  158. The Issues of the Slavery in America During the 17th and 18th Centuries
  159. The Justification of the American Colonists in Their Rebellion from the British Empire
  160. The Key Events That Sparked the Beginning of World War I
  161. The Lack of Effective Parliamentary Opposition and the Support of the King as the Causes of William Pitt’s Domination of Politics
  162. The Leadership and Opposing Philosophies of W. E. B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington on How to Eliminate Class and Racial Injustice in America
  163. The Legacy That Alexander the Great Left the World
  164. The Legends Who Shaped the Lives of People Then and Now
  165. The Lies About Christopher Columbus and His Voyages
  166. The Life a Century Ago and the Role and Life of Maria Magdalena Salazar
  167. The Life, Education, and Inventions of James West
  168. The Major Accomplishments of Catherine the Great, the Empress of the Russian Empire
  169. The Major Contributions of Crispus Attucks and Peter Salem to the Liberation and Sovereignty of America During the American Revolutionary War
  170. The Major Contributors to the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
  171. The Middle Ages in the European History
  172. The Moral Decline of America After World War II
  173. The Native American History During the Colonial Period
  174. The Need for the Russian Parliament to Stop the Blaming of the United States for the Death of the Russian Children
  175. The Order to Drop the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Damage Caused by the Bombs
  176. The Petition to Rename the San Francisco Bay Bridge
  177. The Position and the Impact of the Allies in World War Two
  178. The Positive and Negative Impact of Slavery on the History of America
  179. The Reasons Behind the Spark of the French Revolution
  180. The Reasons for the Failures of the Articles of Confederation
  181. The Reform Act of 1830 to 1832 in the United States
  182. The Relationship Between Japan and China and the Sino-Japanese Conflict
  183. The Representation of Tibetan Culture in Art, Photographs, and Cultural Relics and the Impact of the British and the Chinese on It
  184. The Results and Impact of the First General Election in Malaysian History
  185. The Rise of the United States After the Vietnam War
  186. The Rise of the United States into Superpower Status
  187. The Role and Actions of Pablo Escobar in Colombia
  188. The Sacrifices of the Native Americans to Give Birth to the United States
  189. The Shooting at Georgia Tech on September 16, 2017
  190. The Significant Changes and Impact of the European Colonization of North America
  191. The Significant Changes and Negative Consequences of the Industrial Revolution
  192. The Six Common Deadly Illnesses of Soldiers in the Civil War: Dysentery, Typhoid Fever, Measles, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, and Malaria
  193. The Spanish Mistreatment of the Native Tribes in America
  194. The Struggle of the United States with Freedom and Order
  195. The Successes and Failures of Joseph Stalin
  196. The Threat of the Communist Soviet Union during the Cold War
  197. The Transparency International and the Most and Least Corrupt Countries in the World
  198. The Trials Against the Indians, the Memorial for the Mass Execution of Indians in Minnesota, and the Fair Treatment of Lincoln on the Native Americans
  199. The Unfairness of the Nuremberg Trial
  200. The United States’ Oppression of the Native Americans in the Trail of Tears
  201. The Vietnam War of the American People
  202. To What Extent Were Mussolini’s Economic Policies Successful?
  203. Torture Methods in Medieval Europe
  204. U.S. History in One Word
  205. Understanding Globalization and the Fundamental Drivers of Globalization Since the 1970s
  206. What Caused the Clash Between Communism and Capitalism During the Cold War?
  207. Why Are the Native Cultures Forgotten in the Americas?

We will give you some interesting topics about history you will need so you don’t need to worry. But before that, you should understand how to choose the right topic first. Try brainstorming first and do a little research about that so you will know the point of your essay. Here are some satisfying historical topics we have gathered before for you!

1. Industrial Revolution on the Asia Pacific

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